About us

Nayeb Orang International Trading Group officially started its activity in year 2019. The fundamental goal of this group is to build upon knowledge and innovation in the dried nuts export industry.
An important part of our work is based on safety, quality, commitment, trust and flexibility based on the world's current needs for nutrients and agricultural products.
In today's world, the basic need of customers is quality products that are an important and integral part of our commitment to customer loyalty.
As a result, we are always striving to move this way with flexibility and dynamism and to guarantee our products to the fullest, so that we may alleviate customer concerns about supply and purchase.
We are pleased to provide our customers in the best possible way with world-class standards, delivering acceptable quality in a competitive market.
We are proud that our young and dynamic team is always looking to create value for our loyal customers, which is increasing our number of family members every day.
Getting started is the beginning of our responsibility and commitment.

Our Vision
Our mission
Our mission is to protect the interests of Iranian growers, growers and farmers alike to produce superior quality products.

Ali Nayeb
Founder, CEO
Master in HSE
Elnaz khavari
Co Founder, CMO
Master in Business Management